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Cleanako Silicone Toilet Brush

Cleanako Silicone Toilet Brush

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✅ Improve Hygiene Instantly

✅ Reach All Areas

✅ Durable & Long-lasting

✅ Slim & Discreet

✅ Floor or Wall Mounted

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If you're not 100% satisfied within the first 30 days, just send it back to us and we'll give you a full refund.

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GAMECHANGER for Toilet Cleaning

No Clogging

No toilet paper (or worse…!) will clog or stick to your brush.

Deep Clean

Abrasive anti-scratch bristles to leave your toilet spotless.


No Drips

Unique, anti-drip technology means no more wet, gross floors!

Join the Revolution

Impractical design, unhygienic & ineffective.
❌ Clogs with dirt & drips
❌ Obtrusive & Impractical
❌ Needs replacing often

Modern, hygienic & effective.
✅ Reach every spot
✅ Slim & Compact
✅ Strong & Durable

Easy To Clean

Its no secret that traditional toilet brushes often clog with bacteria, drip all over the bathroom floor and then sit in a bowl harboring germs until the next time they are used.

Upgrade your cleaning routine today with the easy-to-use and easy-to-clean silicone toilet brush. The non-scratch silicone bristles prevent clogging and can be easily rinsed after use helping to improve hygiene. 

The bristles don’t absorb like a regular brush and the ventilated holder allows the brush to dry quickly and prevent drips after each use.

Reach All Areas

The smarter, easier, more hygienic way to clean your toilet. Say goodbye to impractical and ineffective toilet brushes!

Our essential Silicone Toilet Brush Features a unique flexible head perfect for all those hard to reach areas, leaving no nooks and crannies untouched, ensuring a thorough and hygienic clean every time. So why wait? Upgrade your cleaning routine today with the silicone toilet brush!

Slim & Compact

Not only are traditional brushes unhygienic and smelly, they also look bad too and take up space. You hide it behind the toilet for a reason right? It's okay, we all do it.

Silicone Toilet Brush, Toilet Brush, Bathroom Brush

Our Toilet Brush features a slim and compact design to save space and fit discreetly within your bathroom decor. The sleek and modern Silicone Toilet Brush can be placed on the floor or conveniently wall mounted out of the way.


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30-Day Happiness Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied within the first 30 days, just send it back to us and we'll give you a full refund.

No need to worry about the return shipping - we've got you covered!

Questions From Our Customers

Why Do I Need This?

Are you aware of the amount of spots you miss while cleaning your toilet with a traditional brush? Looking to reach all surfaces including the rim? Look no further with our Best Selling Silicone Toilet Brush. Live your life without worrying about touching dirty & yucky surfaces! Also say goodbye to extreme water droppings on the floor with our water repellent material. Super lightweight and easy to use! We cannot wait for you to try this!

What Is The Difference Between A Traditional Brush & This Flexer Brush?

Traditional toilet brushes are unhygienic and can get extremely dirty. This new toilet brush can deeply clean the surrounding dirty areas of ​​the toilet, including your rim. Also the water-repellent material allows liquid to drain quickly which means less dripping between cleaning and storing for you!

Is The Flexer Brush Holder Leak Proof?

Yes our holder is leak proof & closed at the bottom! We have added a molding/cover at the bottom of the holder to ensure that when the brush is placed back into the holder nothing will drip out of the holder.

What Colors Are Currently Available?

We currently have Pink, Blue, White and Green available. Due to a huge demand in sales we are currently running low in stock on Pink & White.

How Do I Use This Specific Brush?

When you are done cleaning with the brush, simply rinse it off with water. Once the majority of the water drips off the brush simply place it back into the holder we provide. The holder that we provide you with has a drainer inside which allows it to self-dry. No need to worry about water leaking!