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Don't let period pain hold you back. Get Soothie and experience the difference!

"My wife loves it, she says it's great and works on the spot right where she needs it, lower back"



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Trusted by everyday women

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10,795+ Happy Customers

Period pain relief made way, way simpler

The Magic Behind Soothie

When activated, Soothie delivers soothing, targeted heat to your abdomen or lower back. Heat improves blood flow, relaxes muscles, and helps reduce cramp severity.

Relief In 3 Easy Steps

1. Wear Soothie around your waist or back
2. Turn Soothie on
3. Sit back and relax

Why thousands of women rely on Soothie for period pain relief

1. It feels amazing

Indulge in a moment of self-care with Soothie.


Experience immediate relief from period pain and discomfort with Soothie. Its gentle, relaxing warmth hits all the right spots, whether it's your tummy or lower back. It feels so good that you'll never want to take it off.


2. It's gentle and safe

Soothie offers a breath of fresh air – a drug-free alternative for period pain relief.


Soothie uses gentle heat therapy to soothe your body's aches and pains, providing peace of mind knowing that you're taking care of your body in the most natural way possible.

3. Take it anywhere

Life doesn't stop when period pain strikes, and neither should you.


Soothie is designed to be your trusty companion wherever you go. Its compact and lightweight design means you can slip it into your bag, purse, or even your pocket, ensuring that relief is always within arm's reach.

4. Soothie guarantee

We love our Soothie and are confident you will too! That’s why we’re offering a 30-Day, Risk-Free Trial. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll gladly issue a full refund in accordance with our Return & Refund Policy.

What women like you are saying

Rated 4.87/5 by Countless Happy Customers

Soothie brings instant relief without the mess or fuss of traditional methods. It's become my trusted companion for a soothing and stress-free period experience.

Olivia P.

The soothing heat and portable design are a winning combination. Say goodbye to period pain, and hello to comfort on the go!


Kate M.

Soothie's comforting warmth has become my go-to for relaxation. It's so effective. A small investment for big comfort!


Carissa L.

What makes Soothie special

Find out why you should choose Soothie instead of traditional solutions.


Heat Pack

Heats + Vibrates

Ready On Demand

Stays Hot


Adjustable Strap

10,795+ Happy Customers

Soothie Menstrual Heating Pad

Soothie is easily worn on your tummy or lower back. It uses heat therapy to provide targeted relief for period pain, soothing cramps and relaxing muscles whenever you need it.


Instant Relief

Improved Relaxation

Natural Solution

Product Details

  • Cordless, portable design that hides underclothing
  • Simple, one click operation
  • 3 heat levels (50°C, 55°C, 65°C)
  • 4 modes of soothing massage
  • Adjustable belt
  • Rechargeable with provided charging cable

Free Shipping

Free worldwide shipping on all orders. Order processing takes 1-3 business days before shipment. Once your item/s is dispatched, the estimated delivery time is:

- USA: 7-15 business days

- UK: 7-15 business days

- Australia: 7-15 business days

- Canada: 7-15 business days

- Europe: 7-15 business days

- Rest of world: 14-20 business days

If you're not satisfied, contact our support team and we'll assist you with our free and easy returns process

Money Back Guarantee

We love our Soothie and are confident you will too! That’s why we’re offering a 30-Day, Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll gladly issue a full refund in accordance with our Return & Refund Policy.

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Sooo convenient!

The soothie is amazing it works wonders it helps fight your period pains and cramps you can twist it round so if you have back pain you can use it on your back it is rechargeable so you can take everywhere with you and you can wear it underneath your clothes

- Jessica H. Melbourne

Good product!

Good product, bought for my girlfriend who seems to be getting the benefits from it. Delivery time was very slow but understandable during Christmas period. Decent purchase all around!

Luke McConnell 

Relaxing vibes!

My wife loves it, she says it's great and works on the spot right where she needs it, lower back

Matthew Hotchkiss

Love My Soothie!

I absolutely love my soothie, it's easy to use and is sooo much better than a traditional hot water bottle. I suffer from pcos and back pain issues and my soothie is helping me with managing my pain. I simply switch from front to back as needed. My first soothie was unfortunately not charging properly but after reaching out, the Elevate Team sent me a replacement soothie immediately without any hassles, they were so understanding and helpful. Excellent product and Customer Service. Highly Recommend!!!!!

Sakiba Lovic 

That perfect!

My misis loves it . Really helps her alot during her monthly visits


Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

How does Soothie work?

During a period, the uterus releases these chemicals called "prostaglandins". And what they do is cause it to squeeze and shed its lining.

The problem is, if too many of these compounds are released, the contractions become more and more painful.

Soothie uses heat and vibrating massage to target the source of pain and tension in the muscles. Heat dilates the blood vessels which allows blood to flow effortlessly. The pressure from the vibrating massage helps to push oxygen rich blood through. The improved blood flow acts to help relieve pain quickly. This reverses the effects of "prostaglandins" instantly and naturally.

Is Soothie safe to use?

Yes as Soothie uses natural therapy (heat and vibrating massage), it’s completely safe for anyone to use.

However, please do not use it over areas with open wounds or broken skin. We also do not recommend wearing Soothie to sleep due to not being able to monitor the device.

If you have any concerning medical conditions please do consult your doctor for further advice.

Will Soothie fit me?

Yes! Most definitely. Soothie is designed to fit most people thanks to the adjustable strap.

Where can I use Soothie?

As Soothie is a portable and discreet wearable device, you can wear it anywhere while you go about your day. This includes at the home, office, work or school

How long does the battery last?

Soothie’s battery life is approximately 2 hours. When it is time to charge Soothie, just use the cable provided. The charge icon will change from blinking red to solid when it is fully charged (a full charge usually takes 4-6 hours).

We recommend shorter sessions such as 30 minutes, so this will give you about 4 uses before needing to be charged again.

What is included?

You will receive the following:

1 x Soothie

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Instruction manual

What is your return policy?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee to give you peace of mind.

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