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Plant Pulley Set For Garden Baskets Pots, Birds Feeder

Effortless Care: Lower and raise plants without heavy lifting

Strong and Secure: Supports up to 10kg weight safely

Convenient Adjustment: Easily lock at desired height

Versatile Usage: Ideal for various hanging items

Space-Saving: Maximizes vertical space


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"Love this. It allows me to water a high, out of reach hanging plant with ease. Easy to pull down and put up. My plant is grateful for this hanger because watering is now done easily on a regular basis."

Donald Whitfield   ✅ Verified Buyer

Introducing the Plant Pulley

Upgrade your plant care routine with our retractable plant pulley and enjoy the convenience of effortless plant maintenance!

🌿 Convenient Plant Care: 

Our plant pulley makes it effortless to lower and raise your hanging baskets for watering, feeding, and plant care. A spring-loaded tape locks the basket in place at the desired height, ensuring hassle-free adjustments.

💪 Sturdy and Durable:

Crafted with a strong hook and nylon rope, our pulley can support up to 10kg (maximum) weight, ensuring the safety of your plants or flower baskets. Rest assured, your beloved plants are in good hands with our adjustable ornament plant hanger holders.

📏 Retractable Design: 

Featuring a durable hanging strap, our pulley offers a maximum extension length of up to 35.43 inches (90cm). Quickly raise or lower your plants and lock them in any position you desire, making watering and feeding a breeze.

👌 Easy to Use: 

Simply pull down the rope vertically to the desired height and slowly release to lock it in place. Adjusting the height is as easy as pulling out 1-3cm with the slowest speed. No more climbing ladders or struggling with heavy loads!

🌻 Versatile Application: 

Our plant pulley is perfect for holding decorative hanging plants, flower baskets, pots, birdcages, and more. Suitable for use in the garden, eaves, home, porch, and balcony, these plant pulleys will keep your plants healthy and thriving without the mess.

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Can these pulleys be used outdoors?

Yes, our plant pulleys are suitable for outdoor use in gardens, porches, and balconies. However, they are not recommended for use in windy outdoor conditions.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the pulleys?

Our plant pulleys can safely support weights up to 10kg (22lbs), ensuring the secure hanging of your plants or flower baskets.

How do I adjust the height of the pulleys?

To adjust the height, simply pull down the strap rope perpendicularly to the ground at the desired height. Slowly release to lock it in place.

Can the pulleys be used with different types of hanging items?

Yes, our plant pulleys are versatile and can be used with decorative hanging plants, flower baskets, pots, birdcages, and more.

Can the Standing Weed Puller be used for other gardening tasks?

While primarily designed for weed removal, the Standing Weed Puller can also be used for aerating soil and loosening compacted dirt, making it a versatile tool for various gardening tasks.

How do I ensure proper usage of the pulleys?

It's important to ensure that the weight of the goods is not less than 1kg or exceeds 10kg when using the pulleys. Follow the provided instructions for correct usage and maintenance.

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