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Cross Hex Tile Drill Bits

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🪛 Unlock Precision with our Cross Hex Tile Drill Bits!

Precision drilling: Achieve accurate results with minimal resistance.

Durability: Wear-resistant and long-lasting materials.

Versatility: Suitable for various materials like tiles and glass.

Ease of use: Compatible with electric hand drills.

Multiple sizes: Accommodates diverse drilling needs.



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It is made of high quality YG6X alloy as raw material. The process of the cutter head strengthen the drill hardness.


Full-grinding and anti-rust treatment, clean and sharp without burrs .The drill bit is more wear-resistant and more durable .Fully automated polishing: Polished CNC is fully automated, each one is unified.


Small incision resistance,feature drilling stably, fast speed, not breaking the border. Opening neat, smooth, no broken edges, no tremor phenomenon, chip easily.


Professional glass and tile drill bits provide smooth and accurate drilling in ceramic tiles, marble, thin iron plate, mirrors and glass. Remember to add Water or coolant when drilling.


Suitable for your different needs.It Can be installed in the general electric hand drill, bench drill.

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Can these drill bits be used on materials other than tiles and glass?

Yes, these drill bits can also be used on materials such as marble, mirrors, and thin iron plates.

Do I need to use water or coolant while drilling with these bits?

Yes, it's recommended to use water or coolant while drilling to ensure smooth and accurate drilling.

Are these drill bits compatible with cordless drills?

Yes, these drill bits are compatible with both cordless and corded drills.

What is the recommended drilling speed for optimal results?

The recommended drilling speed varies depending on the material being drilled. Generally, a moderate speed is sufficient for smooth drilling.

Can I use these drill bits on thicker materials like marble?

Yes, these drill bits are suitable for drilling through thicker materials like marble, but it's important to adjust the drilling speed accordingly.

Are replacement drill bits available for purchase separately?

Currently, replacement drill bits are not available for purchase separately. However, the set includes multiple sizes to accommodate various drilling needs.

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