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Cooling Pet Bed

Keep Your Dog Cool With The Self-Cooling Bed

Must-Have for Doggie Road Trips!

“Makes car trips a breeze. It’s light, fits in the crate, and keeps my pup chilled”


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Saved Thousands Of Dogs From Overheating

Ice-Silk Cooling Effect That Doesn’t Need To Be Recharged

Thick, Soft & Comfortable Dog Bed

Great For Summer Use & Double-Coat Dogs

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Must-Have for Doggie Road Trips!

“Makes car trips a breeze. It’s light, fits in the crate, and keeps my pup chilled"


Verified buyer

Instant Cooling

No wait time needed. Just place it on the floor and your furry friend will jump to it

Thick & Soft

Supportive for older joints. Perfect place for them to sleep


No toxic gel or materials. Made with durable tear-resistant materials

No Refrigeration Or Recharging Needed

Just place a couple of dog beds around your home

Is Your Furry Friend Struggling In The Summer Heat

You're not alone.


Imagine a sunny day, ideal for a stroll. But instead of joyful dashes, your dog is panting hard, drooling, and tiring too soon . Does that sound familiar?


Many dog owners aren’t aware that over 80% of dogs struggle with overheating and dehydration under the scorching sun.


Unlike us, dogs can't release excess body heat through sweat. Their limited sweat glands leave them vulnerable to heatstroke.


Introducing Cooling Bed —the perfect cooling retreat! Thousands of dog parents have made the switch to ensure their pups remain refreshed, comfy, and safe, even on blistering days.


Why wait? Let your dog chill in comfort!

Recommended By Vets

"As a veterinarian, I recommend Cooling Bed for its excellent Cooling Effect Without Any Dangerous Gel


Gel Cooling Pads Are Dangerous For Your Furry Friend

Many cooling pads for dogs contain a chemical called “Sodium Polyacrylate” to maintain their chill.


While effective at keeping the gel cool, this substance can be hazardous . If ingested, it swells quickly, potentially blocking your dog’s windpipe and causing choking.


That’s why our CoolingBed  is a safer choice. I t's crafted without any gel.


Instead, it features a layer of ice silk material—non-toxic, naturally cooler, and requires no recharging or refrigeration. With CoolingBed, your dog can relax on a refreshingly cool surface without any risk.

Instantly Cool Your Dog With CoolingBed

CoolingBed’s innovative design features a layer of ice silk material that naturally cools down your dog without any need for refrigeration.


This cool, comfortable surface supports your dog's joints and doesn't warm up like traditional beds , making it ideal for double-coated breeds.


The bed is more than just a cooling pad; it’s a thick, supportive resting place that stays cool and soothing.


Whether relaxing after a walk or simply napping through a hot day, your dog will love the consistent coolness.


Maintenance is simple— just wipe or gently wash.


Durable and non-toxic , the CoolingBed is perfect for daily use, indoors or out, ensuring a cool retreat for your dog all year round.

37,000+ Happy Dog Parents And Counting...

“All Night Coolness!”

“She sleeps cooler all night long, making her happier and more playful by day ”

Jessica D. USA

“Senior Dog Approved!”

“Perfect for my old retriever—offers both joint support and cooling relief ”

Sarah M. USA

“Double-Coat Dream Bed!”

“Keeps my double-coated husky cool and supports his joints. What a relief! ”

Michael T. USA

"No More Sweaty Summers!"

"This bed's a lifesaver for my fluffy Samoyed—keeps him cool and comfy without any risky gels"

Emily J. USA

Cool & Comfortable Dog Bed

Forget those flimsy cooling pads!


CoolingBed is a real dog bed that's built to last and keep your dog comfy.


While most dog beds trap heat , our bed uses a special ice silk material to keep things cool, helping your dog stay comfortable even when it's hot out.


It's not just about cooling, though. Our bed is thicker and has raised edges , which means it supports your dog's joints and keeps their spine nicely aligned.


Plus, unlike the bulky gel cooling pads, CoolingBed is lightweight and made from high-quality materials, making it both durable and easy to move around.


Perfect for everyday use, it’s the comfy, cooling spot your dog deserves.

Not Available On Amazon Or Ebay

Thick Dog Bed Not A Flimsy Pad That Doesn't Support Your Dog's Joints

Endorsed By Vets & Dog Trainers

Patented Non-Toxic Ice Silk Material For Instant Cooling

Thousands Of Dog Parents Have Already Switched To The CoolingBed

Thousands Of Dog Parents Have Already Switched To The CoolingBed

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is CoolingBed?

CoolingBed is a specially designed dog bed that uses a layer of ice silk material to naturally cool down your dog without needing refrigeration. Unlike typical dog beds that trap heat, CoolingBed keeps your pet cool and comfortable. It's built thicker than standard cooling pads, with raised edges to support your dog’s joints and ensure proper spine alignment.

Is CoolingBed Effective?

Absolutely! CoolingBed effectively keeps your dog cool and comfortable by utilizing ice silk material, which lowers the temperature in contact with your dog’s body. This innovative approach provides a refreshing relief from heat, especially beneficial during warmer months or for dogs with thicker coats who are prone to overheating.

How Long Do They Last?

CoolingBed is designed to be durable and long-lasting. With proper care, such as gentle wiping or washing and keeping it away from direct sunlight when not in use, your CoolingBed can remain an effective and comfortable resting spot for your dog for several years.

How Many Should I Get?

There are several great reasons to consider getting multiple CoolingBeds:

Consistency in Comfort: Having a CoolingBed in different rooms ensures your dog always has a cool spot to relax, no matter where they are in the house.
Outdoor and Indoor Use: Keep one bed indoors and another outdoors so your dog can enjoy cooling comfort both inside and out.
Car Travel: A CoolingBed in the car can keep your dog comfortable and prevent overheating on road trips.
Backup Convenience: It’s handy to have an extra CoolingBed while one is being cleaned or aired out.
Multiple Pets: If you have more than one dog, each can enjoy their own cool, comfortable space without competition.

What If I’m Not Satisfied?

If you are unhappy with your CoolingBed, you may return your order within 60 days of purchase for a refund and zero hassle.

However, based on the countless responses we receive from thrilled customers... we doubt you'll ever want to.

When Will The Sale End?

We are offering 1000 units at a discounted price for our anniversary sale.

The SALE will end at the end of Jun 10 or while stocks last.

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