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Advanced Gradual Compression Socks for Relief From Leg, Foot and Nerve Pain

Struggling with swollen legs, numbing foot pain, 

tingling neuropathy or plantar fasciitis? 

Benefits of Compression Socks: 

❤️ Improves blood circulation — Ending painful inflammation

⚡️ Prevents and reduces varicose veins

🔋 No more mid-afternoon fatigue (blood circulation = energy)

✨ Alleviates & prevents swollen ankles, stiffness or soreness of your feet

🦠 Flushes trapped fluids and relieves leg swelling

💊 Helps get rid of neuropathy symptoms (no more harsh painkillers)

Must-Have for Doggie Road Trips!

“Makes car trips a breeze. It’s light, fits in the crate, and keeps my pup chilled”


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"Why am I always in pain? I just want to go a day without the distraction aching causes me..."

Every morning is a new opportunity to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. But most of us struggle with aches and pains when we TRY to sleep… so our bodies never have the chance to repair themselves. Come morning time? We’re more exhausted than when we went to sleep. 


That’s because we’re NOT getting fresh blood in parts of the body that need it now!


Let’s face it… 


Our lives put harsher demands on us than they did in the past. We're working more than ever, being paid less — standing and sitting for hours at a time... day-after-day... week-after-week. All the while? Our blood circulation continues getting worse.


We're all too tired to prepare nutritious meals. Instead, we eat convenient, processed, sugary fake-foods. 


The result? We have less energy, more pain, and more new symptoms than ever. 

The truth?

Standing AND sitting for prolonged periods of time forces blood to “pool” in our veins. 


Blood pooling causes:

- leg pain

- foot swelling 

- Neuropathic pins-and-needle sensations in our feet

- Stabbing, sharp pain in our heels 


That’s why we developed today’s most effective “gradual” compression socks. 


Compression Socks were developed and made for nurses… but help everyone struggling with the “symptoms” of blood and lymphatic fluid building up in our legs.


Why other "solutions" 
haven't worked

Why other "solutions" 

haven't worked

When we struggle with leg pain, foot swelling, pins-and-needles from neuropathy, and aches from plantar fasciitis, we quickly jump to the most obvious "solutions":


❌ Costly supplements — typically use heat processing, killing the nutrients before you can even ingest them... so they lead to no improvements...


❌ Expensive prescriptions and pain killers — that have so many harmful side-effects... and eventually lead to more pills… without ever addressing the core problem.


❌ Complex stretching routines — that can help, but take hours-a-day to produce any relief.


❌ Expensive shoes and insoles that cause extra strain and make symptoms worse...


❌ Even other compression socks — poorly designed and don’t provide the right kind of gradual pressure.


Most compression socks are completely ineffective. They use outdated designs — only giving us “equal pressure” throughout the whole sock. Gravity is constantly working to pull the blood down, so when normal socks add equal pressure everywhere... it creates resistance for blood that's trying to flow upwards.


Normal compression socks trap fluids… and make your blood circulation problems and symptoms worse.

How we support the 2nd Heart

Did you know we have a 2nd heart in our legs? Compression Socks have helped over 180,000 happy customers across the country. Our proprietary design provides the exact pressure that defies gravity — repairing the 2nd heart’s function.


The 2nd heart is the Soleus muscle. It’s job? To pump blood back up to the 1st heart. But the 2nd heart is easily damaged by our standard American lifestyle:


❌ Standing and sitting hour hours... causing blood pooling...


❌ Toxic, processed "foods..."


❌ Doctors who only know how to prescribe pills, without ever repairing WHY blood circulation plummets…


❌ Dealing with constant, daily stress; stress that floods our bloodstream with cortisol — preventing circulation back to the 1st heart…


❌ The 1st heart has to work extra hard to “pull” blood back up — potentially setting us up for heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms and even early onset dementia in the long run...

How we support the 2nd Heart

So, we designed our socks with 30 mmHg of pressure at the ankle… with a gradual increase to 20 mmHg at the calf. 


That means, there’s more pressure further away from the heart. And less pressure as you get closer to the heart. This creates a supportive upwards path for blood to flow against gravity.

So when the blood reaches the 2nd Heart, it effortlessly pumps blood back to the 1st heart!



Poor blood flow is the root cause of many symptoms. 


Compression Socks:


✅ Support the 2nd Heart for relief from Leg Pain, Swelling, and Foot aches from Plantar Fasciitis by increasing and improving blood flow.


✅ Flood our damaged nerves with fresh blood — almost instantly putting the fire out on our painful, unsettling neuropathic symptoms (say bye-bye to pins and needles!)


✅ Increase our natural energy reserves — replacing cortisol “stress” energy with REAL, sustainable energy (no more 2pm energy-plummet, “I’m dead” problems.)


✅ Decrease our cravings for excessive carb and sugar eating sessions. In fact, our food cravings naturally decline, as our bodies are able to use the nutrition we give them.


✅ Erase fears of having to go to work in pain!

Why Nurses?

Nurses are sitting and standing for 12+ hour shifts... Taking more than 15,000+ steps per day. 


Their bodies are put through more stress and repetitive movements than just about anyone. With nurses' medical knowledge behind our gradual compression socks… regular, everyday people are finding relief in only hours.


What Does That Mean For You?


You get the most advanced gradual compression socks on the market today. Giving you the kind of instant… and long term results that prescriptions, supplements and lifestyle changes can’t touch.

"Before I got these socks I would be in extreme pain and walking really slowly by the end of my shift. Now I have energy even after I get home! These are awesome and comfortable. So glad I came across the ad and decided to order" — Jaime M.

22,500+ Happy Customers

Advanced Gradual Compression Socks for Relief From Leg, Foot and Nerve Pain

Must-Have for Doggie Road Trips!

“Makes car trips a breeze. It’s light, fits in the crate, and keeps my pup chilled”


Verified buyer


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