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Illuminate Your Creativity

Craft a space with Moonshine™ that reflects your unique spirit, lit by the vibrant colors of innovation.

Simple Installation, Stunning Impact

Mount it, light it, and watch as your walls come alive.

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Lindsey G.

Our home office setup got a major upgrade. The soft, diffused glow provided by the lights creates an inviting and productive atmosphere, ideal for long workdays. It's amazing how such a simple addition can completely transform the space. Now, even our dog seems to enjoy lounging in the warm, cozy ambiance while we tackle our tasks.


It can handle even my messiest culinary experiments.


Great for our outdoor family dinners.

Jennie C.

When I plugged it in, the whole corner of my room lit up with a clean, soft light. It coils neatly when not in use and spreads a tranquil glow that's just perfect for my late-night reading sessions. It's like my little personal lighthouse that guides me through my midnight musings. Absolutely adore this purchase!


Ultimate Gaming Ambiance


It's hefty and promises a soft, even light. Plus, it came with all the fixings – sturdy mounting clips for a secure install.


The ambiance is spot on. Even brighter than expected.

Fiona V.

Effortlessly added elegance. Totally satisfied.


I was searching for something to elevate my bedroom's ambiance, and moonshine did just the trick. Installed it behind my bed frame, and the effect is nothing short of magical. The soft, warm glow it casts around the bed has turned my room into a cozy haven. It's like falling asleep under a starlit sky every night.


Movie nights are now epic..


Going to buy more for different setups.


Absolutely adore the glow. Perfect for my kitchen.


Our home gym just got a serious upgrade with the vibrant blue hues of the Moonshine™ LED light strip. Not only does it add a cool, futuristic vibe to the space, but the adjustable brightness levels also allow us to set the perfect mood for our workouts. Whether it's a high-intensity session or a calming yoga flow, the blue glow creates an energizing yet relaxing atmosphere that keeps us motivated.

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