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why are they the best functional leggings for dealing with cellulite, spider veins, and supporting joints? we have done rigorous tests.

Discover the Benefits of Revolutionary Compression Leggings That Will Redefine Your Health.

A perfect pair of fitness leggings is cheaper than many bad ones. We tested the most popular functional leggings, a brand that has been heavily promoted recently, Body Sculpt Leggings. We invited volunteers of various backgrounds to this test. This evaluation gave us a new understanding of Body Sculpt Leggings. If you want to find a solution of your leg problems, Body Sculpt Leggings are your best choice. 

Why are they functional leggings? Body Sculpt Leggings have PowerLift technology that makes the fabric 30% more resilient and compresses the legs with 4 times more support than other leggings. The 3D-printed Sculpting Lines target the key leg muscles and reduce pressure on other areas for comfort. They are also reversible, so you can wear them either way with the same effect.

How they fit? The Body Sculpt Leggings suited our testers of various body types. They all liked the fabric’s lightness, smoothness, and compression, and felt it was the closest to being nude.

Smooth Cellulite

Why they’re great: This pair of leggings indeed has the instant slimming effect on the legs. Beside, We tested the Body Sculpt Leggings by comparing two groups of testers who exercised daily and took thigh photos at the end of each day. After two months,we found that the group wearing Body Sculpt Leggings had a faster reduction in fat lumps than the other group. A tester who wore XXL said that the wrapping and compression on her leg made her feel comfortable while exercising. Our's customers also loved this feature.

Reduce Spider Veins & Leg Swelling

Knee Recovery Support & Relieve muscle soreness

Why they’re great: We asked testers to wear leggings for long periods. They all loved them. An XS tester said they gave her the right support and reduced knee pressure when she squatted. They also dried fast. An L tester with a knee injury said they were like doctor-recommended compression garments,they can relieve my knee pain, but more comfy and pretty

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